ICO Analysis - Red Pulse (RPX) Token
ICO Analysis - Red Pulse (RPX) Token
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander
December 19, 2017
3 min
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Leading a pack of excellent ICOs on the NEO platform, RPX has the a massive market it can make dominate in. Expect to see this token grow as it continues to mature.

  • Existing product already in the market.
  • Tackling the worlds largest market.
  • First to market with an impressive founder and team.

  • Possible Government interference.
  • Not fully utilising the platform yet
  • Large competitors could attempt to fight back

Red Pulse is an event-driven market intelligence platform covering China’s financial markets, providing clients with the context to make informed business decisions. They employ machine learning, Chinese natural language process, in addition to traditional research practices to help solve the problem of information overload. Their open content “research ecosystem” will be able to scale up the breadth and coverage of the research process by employing independent analysis and blockchain technology through a “sharing economy of research”.

Red Pulse Website

Red Pulse (RPX) Fast Facts

  • ICO Crowdsale Start Date: 08 October 2017
  • Maximum Discount: 30% (day 1 buyers)
  • Platform: Neo
  • Amount Raised (Valuation): $15m USD (with a 40% crowdsale, values the company at $37.5m USD)

Red Pulse (RPX) Utility

Red Pulse provides insights into the market events impacting Chinese companies, general sectors and the market overall economy. As the country has the second largest GDP, this represents a significant market opportunity. However, as a market for investment and industry participation, it remains difficult to understand. With access to the right raw data, the Red Pulse platform attempts to analyse the market looking for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The Red Pule platform is already deployed in market and compensating those producing market research, and ensuring that those who could benefit from this information has access to the most relevant data as well. Red Pulse is looking to use the blockchain to scale this system out even further, ensuring that there is real time, accountable and transparent incentive system to dominate  the research data market and support ongoing growth.

Red Pulse (RPX) Team

The Red Pulse team is led by Jonathon Ha, with a background in consulting and IT in the finance sector. Co-founders include Stanley Chao and Peter Alexander, both with a strong consulting and IT background in the finance sector.

Jonathon has given a number of talks prior to, and after the launch of RPX. He has always come across as an extremely intelligent presenter who is fully across the platform, and can provide immediate, concise and technical answers during the Q&A time. He is enthusiastic and extremely proud of the product built to date, and has a strong vision on where he want to take it in future.

You can view a recent talk Jonathon presented at the NEO meetup in Tokyo, Japan

Jonathon, Stanley and Peter have surrounded themselves with a fantastic team of blockchain and fintech experts. A highlight for me is seeing Hongfei Da appointed as an adviser to the project. Hongfei is the blockchain evangelist in China (possibly the world). He is the man leading the development of the NEO platform, which RPX is based of, essentially making him the Satoshi Nakamoto of NEO and China.

Partners also include the NEO foundation, onChain as well as Korean and Chinese based Blockchain and FinTech companies. These add further knowledge to the team, and all have an interest in growing this product.

Red Pulse (RPX) Roadmap

Red Pulse already have an established product in the sector and have clearly done a lot of research before coming to base their platform on blockchain technology for the benefits and scale it allows. NEO was an excellent choice or this, as it adds Digital Identity, Digital assets and Smart Contracts on top of the usual blockchain benefits. These features align well with the utility of the Red Pulse token, but perhaps have not been fully explored yet.

Although Red Pulse appears to be first to market with a blockchain solution, it is easy to see this sector will attract more organisations into the sector. Many of these are currently very large multinationals who could have a very large effect to the success of Red Pulse. If they choose to take on blockchain technology and the Chinese government. While Red Pulse has announced the desire to dominate China before taking on the world markets, there has been very little talked about its plan beyond China.

Red Pulse (RPX) Value

Company valuation of $37.5m USD, seems extremely low for the size of the market it is operating in, and the impact it will have. This is reflected in the ICO, which was sold out within hours. We expect to see the value of RPX continue to grow on the open market as Red Pulse continue to announce new partnerships, clients and ongoing development.

Red Pulse (RPX) Transparency

The ICO was extremely well run, with the RPX team collecting payment on the NEO platform, the smart contract was viewable, and buyers could be assured that they would receive the tokens they expected. The ICO was scheduled to be short (2 weeks), with details about exchange availability made early. The team has conducted a number of Q&A/AMA sessions online, providing open and honest responses for just about all questions raised.

Social media and chat channels have been quite active, both promoting the coin before the ICO, and providing support as well.

Red Pulse (RPX) Distribution

The whitepaper was released early, which clearly covers how the funds will be used by the team. While it would have been good to see a larger proportion of tokens available for the crowdsale, it is visible that additional tokens were retained for the ongoing development of the platform (40%). With 20% assigned to the company shareholders, advisers and staff.

Red Pulse (RPX) Summary

Red Pulse (RPX) is an exciting project, which will be leading the way on the NEO platform. It is based on an existing product, which is looking to blockchain technology to scale out even further. It is backed up by a great team and excellent advisors and has potential to disrupt the enormous Chinese market.

If you missed the ICO, Red Pulse is still one to watch closely.

Crypto Coin Disclosure

The author has a small amount of RPX in his portfolio.
No payment or private consultation was sought for this article.

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Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander

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