We will be open and honest in everything we do.

We commit to:

  • always disclose if any payment has been made for comments or reviews. (#ad, #sponsored, etc)
  • always disclose any affiliate or referral links, and provide a direct link where possible. ((Affiliate Link | Direct Link))
  • always disclose business relationships with organisations that feature on this website. (‘The author is providing advice or support to the initial coin offering of XYZ token.’)
  • always disclose any holdings of any coins, tokens and ICO’s featured on this website. (‘The author holds XYZ coin at the time of this review.’)

At times we will permit or even seek comments from the community.

Our commitment is to minimise any censorship or editing of community comments. However, we may edit or remove comments that:

  • makes unsubstantiated claims (‘This coin will rocket tomorrow’) ;
  • zero effort posts (‘HODL’, ‘moon’, ‘lambo’);
  • contain offensive language (including use of symbols and emojis);
  • include personal attacks of any kind;
  • are likely to offend or target any ethnic, racial, nationality or religious group;
  • are homophobic, transphobic, sexist, offensive or obscene;
  • contain spam or include links to other sites, or self promotion;
  • are clearly off topic;
  • impersonate an individual or organisation, are fraudulent, defamatory of any person, threatening or invasive of another’s privacy or otherwise illegal;
  • are trolling or threatening or just generally aren’t very nice.

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