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Thank you for selecting to help promote your exciting news! is one of the largest digital asset publications in the Asia Pacific region and reaches thousands of interested users every day. While we primarily cater for the Australian and Asian markets, our readership extends globally.

Our ideal domain name contains an aged and targetted keyword which enables our website to consistently rank highly with online search engines. The website has been custom created by our team to be quick and both user and robot friendly. This allows us to offer an organic and long-lasting impact for your project.

Allow us to share your Blockchain Press Release to our engaged audience. It will appear at the top of the Home Page and featured in the Sidebar on every page. Readers will also continue to have access your Press Releases directly from our archives and search engines.

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For a short time we have reduced the fees for all Press Release packages to celebrate the redesign of

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Recognised Source
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Eyecatching Movement
Ad-blocker Safe
SEO Optimised Website
Minimum 1-Year Archival
Length of Press Release 300-600 Words 400-800 Words 600-1,200 Words
Included Images 1 (Cover) 2 10+
Included Links 2 Links 3 Links 5 Links
Minimum Featured Duration 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days
Content Creation and Optimisation:
Ghostwritten Press Release
SEO Optimised Content
Social Media:
Article Shared on Social Media
Community Reaction Support
PAID Social Promotion
Onsite Report:
NDA and Embargo Friendly
We Come to Your Office/Event
Proven Best Method to Reach Audience
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Business VISA ready AU, CA, CN, EU, HK, ID, IS, JP, MO, MY, NZ, RU, SK, SG, TH, UK, US, VN and many more
Lets share your news! Lets create your news! Lets make news!

Advanced Submission Guidelines

We will only accept one Press Release per week per entity or event. Additional graphs or tables may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • The cover image:
    • Must be oriented in landscape, in a 2:1 dimension.
    • Should be 1200 x 600px and contain minimal text.

Our editors will optimise submissions for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For projects looking to optimise their own content, your Press Release should:

  • Use an appropriate and SEO friendly title and headers.
  • Have less than 100 characters in the title.
  • Contain a lead in sentence summerising the Press Release.
  • Contain less than 300 words between headers.
Press releases for inappropriate or fraudulent products and services will not be published. Cryptocoin has the right to not publish your press release and will refund your payment. All Press Releases submitted will be reviewed by our editors and minor changes may be made to improve the search engine optimization or readability. We may adapt your images, branding or other artwork to optimize it for the website.
+Onsite Reports excludes the cost of travel. Destination, duration and timing all affect the price of travel, but we will work with you to keep these costs low.
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